Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy birthday card

I've been working on my husband's birthday present for weeks but I realized today that I'd completely forgotten to make a card!

I just whipped up a rabbit in a snow storm card. All you need is white card stock or even paper and a googly eye. You don't even really need the eye because you could draw one or go to the next level of lazy and keep the front of the card blank.

Just fold the card, glue the eye, write a cute message inside and follow it up with a gift that hopefully took more effort than the card

I'm also making cream puffs for dessert so I think I get a pass on a lazy but cute card

Monday, February 6, 2012

Canvas Jewelry Organizer

I don't wear much jewelry other than my wedding ring and my nose stud. It just doesn't occur to me. The only things I wear regularly are things I don't remove. I think that much of the problem is my method of jewelry storage, or lack there of. Out of sight, out of mind. That's why I created a new jewelry organizer.

Start with a standard canvas for painting. It has to be stretched over a wooden frame. I think the one I used came from Michael's. It's an 8x10 frame.

I painted mine with water colors in a simple pattern. Paint it however you like with whatever you have on hand. I would recommend keeping the paint to a thin layer because you'll be poking earrings and nails through it later. Don't make it your best work because it'll have holes poked in it and be obscured by jewelry. 

When the paint is dry affix a ribbon to the back. I used a staple gun because it was fun, fast, and easy. The ribbon allows you to turn the canvas to easily add an remove post type earrings with backings. I then nailed 9 nails to the bottom portion of the canvas. I placed them an inch apart. Make sure they are nailed securely into the wood frame. This is where you'll hang necklaces. If you have a lot of rings or bracelets, you could put nails all around the sides and top too. I mostly have necklaces and earrings. 

Hang your canvas and add your jewelry. 
- You may need to use a pin to make some holes for earrings
- Don't put stud earrings too close to the frame because it's hard to get the backings on
- I suggest putting studs nearer the edges because they're easier to get to without having to turn the canvas completely
- Heavy necklaces will tilt the frame. Try to put your heaviest pieces toward the middle

I placed mine next to my bed above my nightstand. Hopefully this will inspire me to wear my jewelry more often. 

I hope this inspired you to get your jewelry organized. If you make one then send me a photo. I'd love to see it. Please comment or email me with any questions or comments.