Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exercise and cookies!

I finally found exercise motivation! I've always been pretty skinny, but I've never really had to exercise. I try to watch my diet and I've been a vegetarian for ages, so I guess that helps a little. I gained some weight my senior year of high school when I stopped taking PE and I didn't eat well, but then I got to college and lost it. Since then I've been working, running around, carrying books and a big backpack around, and climbing a lot of stairs. I was also on sort of a forced diet while in college. I didn't have much money or time, so I replaced quite a few meals with granola bars or a small salad. Anyway, that's why I've never needed to exercise. Then I got married, graduated, moved, and joined the ranks of the unemployed. So now I sit in my apartment at my computer. I do clean and play wii games, but that's not enough. I do most of the cooking and we rarely eat out, and I don't really want to change the way I eat, so I need to exercise. I know it's good for me and will potentially give me a better body, but that's never motivated me, especially now that I live in the cold, dreary pacific northwest rather than SoCal so I don't really feel the need to get my bikini body back (not that I ever really did). So what motivated me? All of my clothes are starting to get a little tight, and I love all my clothes. The thought of buying a whole new wardrobe (not to mention how much money that would cost) has convinced me to exercise. We'll see how long this motivation lasts, but that's all I have for now.

In other news, I just made cookies! (remember what I said about not changing the way I eat) I just made the basic recipe on the bag of chocolate chips, you know the one. But we really don't need a whole big batch of cookies sitting around tempting us. I also didn't want to make half a batch because then there would be half a bag of chocolate chips calling my name, and that's no good. Instead I baked up one sheet and tossed the rest in the freezer. Here's where the good idea comes in. I lined a container with plastic wrap and spooned 4 dollops in just like I did on the cookie sheet. I made sure they weren't touching. Then I put on more plastic wrap and spooned more cookies in. I did this until I was out of dough. It took as long to do this as it took to bake the cookies. Kismet! Then I wrote the baking instructions (and the date for the unlikely scenario that we forget about them) on an index card and tossed it in with the cookies (on top of a final layer of plastic wrap). That way I can bake up as many or as few as I want later without the hassle of cutting through a hard frozen tube of cookie dough. I know it's not a new idea, but I hope it's helpful.