Thursday, December 1, 2011

Knitting Socks and Mittens or why I wish I could feed knits to a dog

Let me explain: you know how you always give the first pancake to the dog? It never comes out right. The pan is never the right temperature and there's always too much or too little butter. Sometimes you don't have your flip down yet. It just never comes out right. That's why you always give the first one to the dog. Always. Even if you don't have a dog, you find one and you give them the dang pancake.

That's sort of what I wish I could do with the first mitten. I'm making mittens for my family for Christmas and they're coming out a little funny. I made a pair and the pattern went way too high up the fingers for my liking, but I didn't want to take the whole thing out and figure out my row count etc again since I was writing the pattern for the second as I knit the first. I ended up making two with the slightly weird pattern (they look less bad now that there are two of them). I wish I could do something with awkward knits that are supposed to have a mate so that they don't go to waste. I wish there was an equivalent of feeding it to the dog, but for knits. The beauty of feeding a pancake to the dog is that it's easy for you to eliminate your failure and the dog really appreciates your effort. Does this make sense? Does anything like this exist yet? Is there anybody out there who would take my awkwardly patterned mittens or huge socks? I really need to knit two at once, that'll either fix my problem or make everything worse.

If you have any help for me please let me know. Does anybody out there have this problem? We could team up! I'll start collecting them and turn them into something new. We'll start this now! Weird socks unite!

I hope everybody has a good December. Thanks for reading!