Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crafting and Hoarding

There seems to be a link between crafters and hoarders. To craft, do you need to hoard? I like to think that I'm not a hoarder, but maybe I'm in denial. I have a box of yarn and a drawer of knitting supplies, but I'm not saving toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles for a rainy day. Does my extensive yarn stash make me a hoarder? I'd classify myself as more of a knitter than a crafter anyway. But I see things all the time and think "I could do something with that" but I don't save it. The only times I save things that are ostensibly garbage or recyclables are when I have a project in mind, but even then the thought of saving every tp roll makes me shy away from certain crafts. Maybe I need an impartial third party to investigate my yarn box  to determine if I'm a craft hoarder or just an innocent knitter with a totally harmless yarn stash. I try not to buy yarn without a project in mind either, but I do tend to over buy yarn so most of my stash is leftovers. I've also been given some yarn over the years and won a couple of other skeins here and there, so that's my excuse. I'm going to stop writing now because it's starting to sound more and more like hoarding denial. What do you think? Do you hoard to craft or craft to hoard? Can you craft without hoarding? Am I just in hoarding denial?

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