Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Look! It's and eyePhone! Get it? Hahahahaha!!!! I make myself laugh. I didn't actually think of the iPhone pun until after I finished it. Sorry about the picture quality, I took it with my webcam. I simply hot glued a bunch of googly eyes to my phone. This is what happens when I'm left alone too long with a glue gun and stuff from the dollar store. Do you think this voided my warrantee? The hot glue peels off of the phone pretty easily. Do you like it? Is it cool or crazy?

I also put a couple of googly eyes on my trusty stand mixer. It makes me laugh whenever I use it. I just stuck them on with little loops of tape. I didn't want anything too permanent. I also make sure they're still there when I finish mixing something. I don't want to find an eye in a brownie.

I've got a couple of other finished knitting projects to share, but my camera died and I keep forgetting to buy batteries. The webcam pictures aren't going to cut it.

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