Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shoes + Sharpies = Fabulous!

I have a thing about uniforms. I attended a uniform school in junior high. I scoured the rules for loopholes. I wore orange Converse and an orange backpack for 2 years just to stand out from the crowd. I also wore a lot of glitter eyeshadow. I took advantage of every free dress day I could. I can't stand looking like everybody else. It's sort of a complex I think. When I got to a non-uniform high school, I went crazy and dyed my hair every color of the rainbow. Anyway, I'm all kinds of off topic.

Through college I wore my own uniform of jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops. I didn't have as much time to dye my hair or curate the extensive pin collection I maintained on my bag in high school.

Then came graduation. A sea of black caps and gowns and I couldn't stand the thought of it. I didn't want to decorate my cap. That's just not my style. I haven't touched puffy paints since I was 7 and I don't plan to. My adorable black dress with green giraffes would be completely covered.  The only option left was crazy shoes.

I bought white shoes at Payless (I think they were 5 dollars on sale, and I got a purse half off that I used at my wedding the following month) and a multi pack of Sharpies at Target for a couple of bucks. Then I colored the shoes. I knew they'd look like I'd colored them, so I didn't worry about covering them really evenly. The shoes say "beautiful but not dyeable" on a sticker inside, but I showed them.

I wouldn't suggest coloring where your feet go as the color might transfer to your toes. If you find plain shoes on sale, buy them and make them yours. Or if you have old shoes you don't wear anymore, you can make them new again. Now I have shoes that go with everything and I love them. I felt fantastic walking across the stage in these. If you can't find your perfect shoes to make you stand out from the crowd, make some!

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